Hi everyone!

My name is Chris and I am your writer, editor, and jack of all trades here at Lone Pine Sports. I am a diehard New England sports fan and history buff. I spend my free time reading articles and books, watching documentaries and old games, and absorbing every bit of information that I can find. I love reading and writing and hope that you all enjoy reading my writing.

In the past, I wrote for BDN Blogs as the writer for Lone Pine Policy. My writings on rural poverty have now migrated to Legal Ruralism where I am now a contributor. I am eternally thankful to BDN for giving me the platform to showcase my writing and happy to share this passion with you as well.

I am a 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College, a 2015 graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, and am currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration at UNC Chapel Hill. I currently live in the Battleboro community in Rocky Mount, North Carolina (former home of the Red Sox minor league affiliate, Rocky Mount Red Sox). Before moving to North Carolina, I lived in Gardiner.