Welcome to Lone Pine Sports

Welcome to your new home of New England sports history, Lone Pine Sports. I am your writer, editor in chief, researcher, and jack of all trades, Chris. I am a diehard New England sports fan, who despite living away from New England at the moment, still follow the teams, stream sports radio from The Big Jab in Portland, and try to stay as connected to local sports culture as possible.

Some of you may remember my former blog, Lone Pine Policy. Fortunately, my work at the BDN gave me the opportunity to continue writing about rural issues for Legal Ruralism. I highly encourage you to continue to follow my posts there as well. I have decided to continue writing for BDN and will be doing so by writing about another passion of mine, New England sports history.

There is perhaps no region of the country with richer sports heritage than New England. From Walter Camp’s work at Yale to create modern day American football to James Naismith’s invention of basketball in a Springfield, MA YMCA to the fact that the both the oldest continuously used ice hockey rink and baseball stadium are both in Boston, there is a treasured and preserved sense of history to sports in New England. When I walk into Fenway Park, I can look across the field and see where history happened. When Andrew Benintendi plays a ball off the Green Monster, you can see Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice or Manny Ramirez all doing the same. When Mookie Betts hits a ball in the air towards the Monster, as it straddles the line between fair and foul, you can see Carlton Fisk standing at home plate waving it fair. I can go to Memorial Field at Dartmouth, Harvard Stadium or the Yale Bowl, sit in the stands and look at a playing surface that has played host to over a century of football. Whether it’s Harvard vs. Yale, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Bruins vs. Habs, or Maine vs. New Hampshire, New England is also home to sports rivalries that have stood the test of time and produced memories for generations of sports fans.

I am a 2012 graduate of Dartmouth College, a 2015 graduate of Michigan State University College of Law, and am currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration at UNC Chapel Hill. I currently live in the Battleboro community in Rocky Mount, North Carolina (former home of the Red Sox minor league affiliate, Rocky Mount Red Sox). Before moving to North Carolina, I lived in Gardiner.

I look forward to taking you on this journey through the rich history of New England sports.